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Welcome to Tropical Paradise Ballroom and Banquet Hall in Brooklyn where we offer impressive decor and two distinctive rooms (separated as required). You will be dazzled by the stunning layout of our attractive ballrooms each with a dance floor and stage. The ambiance offered by our facility gives it tremendous appeal.

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Notably, you have the pleasure and comfort of spotless, five-star restrooms, with a helpful restroom attendant. Here at Tropical Paradise Ballroom and Banquet Hall in Brooklyn our professional staff will inspire you with their courtesy and readiness to please. We strive to make your special day or event pleasant and unforgettable.

We guarantee you the finest food, customized dining and a host of amenities from which to choose. There are an array of service options available including:

  • butler service
  • carving stations
  • and the choice of a variety of buffet-style dinners and lunches

With melodious sounds setting the tone, you and your guests will share a beautiful and enjoyable time at the Tropical Paradise Ballroom and Banquet HallPlease feel free to view our photo gallery page for images.

One Banquet Hall seats 300
Second Banquet Hall seats 140
Buffet Stations
Menu appealing to diverse tastes
Courteous, service-oriented staff